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Examples tell you more that chatter. So, here you are a few works about what we created.

Medical Research

We developed a software to easily enter clinical data specific types of patients. The application is a cloud service and is therefore directly usable by a big number of health care facilities. Using the gathered data it is easy to understard how much a specific medicine and treatment is effective, making it possible to offer and improved service to patients.
In this works is was very important to take care not only to data security, but also to data privacy, by using sophisticated cryptography systems.

Real Estate Agency Management

In order to solve organizational problems within a real estate agency, forced to work with a lot of paper, we prepared a web-based software where the agency staff could enter the data of all the properties. By using this data the application then automatically powers the web site, prints the techincal sheets for the paper archive, prints the handouts to give to customers, and the ads to attach on the storefront. The software is also able to automatically create and send the sales announcements to real estate magazines.

Industrial Protection Maintenance

Maintenance on industrial protection is a sensitive area, as it's regulated by precise law standards on work satefy. Our software manages the time-based expiration of maintenance both on machines, on single machine components and on clusters of machines. A time-based notification system allows the maintenance managers to be informed when necessary, and the availability of the techincal documentation directly inside the system (which is also accessible using mobile devices) allows to perform the maintenance in a guided way. The software also handles the law-standard and automatic printing of conformity certificates, warranty certificates and labels with barcode or QR-code.


Our applications power a variety of e-commerce web sites. We always tried to go beyond a good-looking web site with a lot of graphic effects, working also and especially on user data security (as data could also be credit card data), on system robustness, scalability and on interfacing the web site with external systems (company management software, merchant providers, shipping companies, ...).
Since we developed e-commrce systems both for European and American companies, we acquired a valuable experience on automatic calculation of taxes, shipping costs and customs duties for good shipped from a variety of nation and delivered to everywhere in the world.


Upon customer request, we developed and continue to develop much more. Contact us!

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