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Open Source

We had a dream when be started all of this back in 1996: to use open source software in all our work. As the open source movement became more and more important, it was possible to use free software for many tasks, and today we really use a tiny quantity of software of which the source code is not freely available.

Our activity is based on several open source projects. These are some of the most relevant ones: Catalyst, Perl, Mojolicious, Gentoo Linux, FreeBSD, MySQL, Postgres SQL.

Clearly, free software (as in free speech) does not mean free of charge software (as in free beer), so it has always been important for us to work with the community and write open source software ourselves.

We are one of the main managers of the Perl.It web site and all the things behing it, and we've been co-organizers and sponsors of the Italian Perl Workshop for many years, and also of the European conference YAPC::Europe 2010. We are also founders and members of the Udine Programmers group.

We help some open source projects contributing code, documentation and testing. We also manage some projects directly; the ones on which we've been work lately are: Presentaziòn, Captcha::Peoplesign, Catalyst::View::Wkhtmltopdf, Image::VisualConfirmation.

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