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We develop software since 1996, both web-based and in different contexts such as apps for mobile devices. The pillars of our software house are the creation of secure, efficient and scalable software. The idea behind our work is that every boring and repetitive task can be automated using the appropriate instruments.

We created applications in several fields, such as medical research, hotel booking, sports facility management, computerization of public administration services, e-commerce, time-base maintenances management, chemical process monitoring, integration between company managemente software and web sites.

Since the beginning we decided to use open source software almost everywhere in our activity. Our servers are also powered by open source operating systems; such servers can be installed at the customer's facility or in the data centres we work with: in the second case we guarantee that the servers are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our developers are active members of the open source community, free software developers, and spearkers at Italian and international conferences.

Thanks to the modern communication technologies, we have customers in Italy, Europe, Australia and in the United States.

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